No Tools

Recently I had a package that said “no tools” were needed to use this product. This was found on the front side. However, when you read the information on the backside it listed “tools required.” At least one tool was needed. The “no tools” needed contradicted the “tools required” statement on the back. Which one should you believe? One thing is for sure. You know both statements cannot be true. It makes you wonder if you can trust the product to work if they don’t know if tools are needed or not.

What if the Bible were that way? That is, what if it contained contradictions? We wouldn’t know whether to believe it or not!

Many opponents of the Word of God would like for us to believe that there is not just one contradiction in the Bible but that it is full of them. Is that true? Absolutely not!

The Bible makes the claim to be truth (John 17:17), not just partial truth but absolute truth. If it is truth it cannot contradict itself. It does not say one thing on one page and contradict itself on the following page.

The Bible makes the claim of inspiration (2 Timothy 3:16). If it is inspired then it must come from the mind of God (1 Corinthians 2:10-13). If God is all knowing then He will not make the mistake of contradicting Himself. If the Bible were merely a product of man then it could contain contradictions.

The Bible makes the claim of trustworthiness. It does this through the plea to believe (John 14:1; 12:48). If we cannot trust the entire Bible then we cannot trust any of it. It’s an all or nothing proposition!

Will you believe and obey the Book? Man may leave you wondering whether you need tools or not but the Word of God will guide you (Psalm 119:105) to heaven.

Terry Claunch