The Value of Time

The Super Bowl is one of the most sought after venues for companies wishing to reach the masses. Each year the price of a thirty minute commercial has gone up. This year three million dollars will be needed to buy a coveted spot. That means every second of a commercial is worth one hundred thousand dollars! Why are these companies willing to pay such an exorbitant amount? They expect to reap from what they have sown.

Can we put a price tag on time when it comes to serving the Lord? We cannot, or least should not, give anything in “exchange for our soul” (Matt. 16:26). Image what you could do in thirty seconds. You could make a call to a shut-in (James 1:27). A note could be written to one of our visitors (Col. 4:16). Prayer could be offered for our elders (Heb. 13:15, 17). A portion of God’s word could be read (1 Tim. 4:13). A hug could be given to one who is hurting (1 Thes. 5:14). What would it cost us to do any one of these things? Any one could be done for practically nothing. Yet, no price could be placed on what it means to the one we helped. Could you take a few thirty seconds out of your day? It will help you as well.

Only those with “deep pockets” can afford to show a commercial during the Super Bowl. We don’t have to be millionaires to do good for others. God will hold us accountable for what we’ve done with what we have (2 Cor. 8:12). The widow was able to give more than the rich even though she was poor (Mark 12:42-44). Don’t allow your poverty, by the world’s standard, to keep you from being a blessing to others.

Your “thirty seconds” is worth more than you think.

Terry Claunch