What’s in a Name?

Why does it matter what name we wear? Does it matter to God? Why are there so many different names worn by religious people?

First, we wear this name because it is scriptural to do so. “Greet one another with an holy kiss, the churches of Christ salute you” (Romans 16:16). Why would anyone want to refer to the church in a way not found in the scriptures? Is it not then unscriptural to wear a name that God doesn’t approve of?

Second, we recognize that Jesus is the one responsible for building the church. “…I will build My church” (Matthew 16:18). We did not build the church. Jesus did! The church is not yours, mine nor ours. The church does not belong to anyone but Jesus.

Therefore, it is the church of Christ.

Third, we gladly wear the name of Jesus because He purchased the church with His blood (Acts 20:28). He gave His life for the church. How sad that many would rather call the church by some humanly devised name rather than church of Christ.

Would you like to know more about the church of Christ? We would love to study with you about the church of Christ.

Terry Claunch